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From out of the future... The Screen!
The Screen

132" diagonal front projection screen. The Screen is also a patented free piston planar transducer, with over 15 square feet of active diaphragm surface. The Screen is configurable as three or more audio channels.

Audio Video Home Theatre Playback System The Screen

L'Ecran, The Screen, offers new solutions to the problems of large, front projection screens for high end home theatre use. Normally, front projection screens represent a compromise between the objectives of sight and sound. If the large screens are not acoustically transparent, then the left, center and right front loudspeakers cannot be located directly behind the screen; thus, the video and audio will come from different locations in the room. If a large, perforated, front projection screen is used, then a compromise follows between the desired high reflected light delivery essential for good video, and the desired high sound transmission through the perforations in the screen, essential for good audio. Most commercially available perforated screens have a surface area percentage as perforation at about ten percent of total screen area, and thus significantly attenuate high frequencies, normally requiring electronic signal equalization to restore missing high frequencies. But, if the perforation area is increased to compromised audio signals less, then total light reflectivity, brightness, is compromised even more, because the screen perforations do not reflect light.

The Screen, with three integrated, free piston, flat panel transducers, has more than 15 square feet of active diaphragm surface, so that the audio signals may interact with a very large number of screen perforations: the total surface percentage of screen perforation is much less critical than in a conventional, small diaphragm transducer. Further, as the patented free piston, flat panel transducers are very thin, three channels of ultimate quality audio may be placed behind the perforated, front projection screen, while the screen itself may be in immediate, near proximity to the room boundary wall, for best physical appearance and space conservation.

The Screen is a new, integrated solution to the large, front projection screen home theatre audio/video dilemma. The Screen incorporates a highly reflective front surface screen for maximum clarity and reflective brilliance. The patented, thin, large surface audio transducer elements radiate outward, through the screen and from co-planar room boundary walls, ceiling, and floor. Therefore, an entire class of room reflections, typically generated by free standing audio transducers, is eliminated from the three channel Screen playback signal, partially solving the second venue problem, which is that, no matter what the acoustics of the playback, home theatre room are, they are not the acoustics of the original recording venue. Therefore, if the best, most accurate, artistic intention of the auteur is to be realized, the second venue, playback, acoustics of the home theatre room must be controlled so that the original venue acoustics may properly shine through.

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type: Free, flat fibre composite piston, (not a tympanically tensioned film), patented, planar transducer.
Drive System: Symmetrical, magnetically balanced, electromagnetic field transducer.
Frequency Response: (With Linear Actuator V-Driver Subwoofer: From delivery of 3 cubic feet of air per second for one second, (essentially pulsed DC), to 22Khz ± 2dB. The Screen alone, (not biamplified with electronic crossover and panel segment subwoofer, or Linear Actuator V-Driver Subwoofer) 75 Hz to 22Khz ± 2dB.
Overall Dimensions: Total screen, frame and legs) 96 inches high, 96 inches wide, 3.75 inches deep. Total driven diaphragm surface: 15 square feet, (not including subwoofer).
Weight: 268 pounds
Note: The Screen may be supplied with screens as chosen by the customer. One available configuration is with a silk screen print, or pull down art tapestry, so that when the screen is not in use as a front projection video surface, it may stand essentially as a work of fine tapestry art. Custom silks and fabrics are available.

Design Philosophies of the Electroacoustic Planar Transducer

The Planar Transducer is designed as a large planar source device, very nearly all of the surface of which is a direct radiating, forward facing transducer thus comprising nearly fifteen square feet of surface. The sound source is mounted on the reflecting plane of the wall itself so that there is essentially no path length difference between the front and back sides of the bipolar diaphragm, thus the source radiates into a hemisphere of free space, a half space or 2pi sr. Because the free space is a half space or hemisphere at low frequencies, where the sound source is truly omnidirectional, the sound level is elevated by 6 decibels, which compensate for a falling frequency response at low frequencies.

The Screen retails for $16,000 US. The Screen is available in the US through American Power & Light, Inc, (209)245-4689 or e-mail
In Europe through EMC, The Eymann Marquiss Company.